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  Radha MP Hair Hairstylist Services  
Cut & Finish  
Ladies Cut & Finish £22.50
Childs Cut & Finish - Over 10's £12.50
Childs Cut & Finish - Under 10's £7.50
Radha MP Hair
Colour Services  
Semi Permanent £25.00
Re-Growth £30.00
Full Head £40.00
Fashion Colouring - from £35.00
Toner £20.00
Radha MP Hair
Highlights / Lowlights  
Highlights / Lowlights - partial from £29.50
Highlights / Lowlights - half from £32.50
Highlights / Lowlights - full from £49.50
Radha MP Hair
Blow Dry / Finish short hair from £16.50
Blow Dry / Finish long hair from £20.00
Hair Up (Simple) from £22.50
Hair Up (Detailed) from £30.00
Set and Finish short from £22.50
Set and Finish long from £26.50
Radha MP Hair
Weave Extensions: partial from £45.00
Weave Extensions: half from £50.00
Weave Extensions: full from £60.00
Radha MP Hair
"Everyone knows that on your special day you need to look and feel your best from head to toe!

Professional stylist Radha Pethers has a vast experience with wedding styling and understands the importance of every detail running smoothly on the day!

She has experience with Christian weddings, Traditional muslim weddings, Civil ceremonies, Traditional Chinese weddings and is able to adapt services to suit you and your wedding party....
Please get in touch for a quote..."
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